The Island Team

Joseph Cheek


Joseph has been transfixed by music since starting piano lessons at age 5, which led to him becoming a professional musician before leaving school.

After more than a decade of writing and performing music, Joseph began growing his knowledge of audio engineering, and was immediately hooked. His love for working in a studio environment surrounded by talented, creative individuals - and collaboratively producing sounds to inspire others - drove him to establish Island Studios in 2010.

As an engineer and producer, Joseph has worked across most genres you can name, but specialises in larger-than-life rock, indie and pop productions.

Joseph is personally committed to providing artists with the best possible studio experience and a product they're happy with. This was one of the founding principles of Island Studios, and is proudly practiced by the studio team he leads today.

To complement his production skills, Joseph is also an accomplished session musician, and can contribute piano, organ, guitar, bass, percussion and backing vocal parts to your recordings if required. 

Tom Wormald


Tom has a love for sound design in all shapes and forms - with experience across music production, mixing, recording and songwriting.


Since being gifted a guitar aged 8, Tom’s passion for sound has taken him performing around Adelaide, studying in Melbourne, and working on a variety of projects as an audio engineer in both cities. Most recently, Tom has launched his own solo project under the name Porcelain Eyes.

At Island, Tom combines his diverse knowledge of hardware and plug-in emulations with his musical know-how, to help you get the most out of your production. He's also available to perform session guitar or synth parts, and talk about The Beatles or Tame Impala between takes!

Jack Thomson


Jack is recognisable as one of Adelaide’s most prolific session drummers. A product of the Jazz school at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, he has contributed to countless recordings and live performances, spanning everything from Latin percussion to progressive rock.


As Island Studios’ in-house session drummer, Jack offers more than just his chops on records - he also has extensive drum tech knowledge, and he’s happy to assist artists with technical preparation for drum recording.


In addition, Jack’s stylistic range and well-trained ear for music makes him a valuable source of production input, and he supports the Island team with this on a regular basis.

Nick Pipe


Nick has led a double life for many years now - working as a versatile communications specialist during business hours, and either making or supporting music the rest of the time. It's here at Island that those two worlds collide!

Operating behind the scenes, Nick helps to share stories about artists we work with, create the events we run, and keep the studio ticking over in general.

However - as someone who's swung the axe with dedication since childhood, he's also ready for action as a session guitarist!

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