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The Island Equipment

Island Recording Studios boasts a second-to-none Hybrid Analogue-Digital setup along with a selection of some of the finest microphones and gear in the world to ensure your music is captured perfectly. 

We firmly believe that a great end product starts with outstanding, no-compromise recording. Therefore, we have everything we need at our fingertips to take your music production to the level you've dreamed about! 


Come in and try it all out for yourself today!


Universal Audio Apollo 8P

Universal Audio Apollo 16 
Universal Audio Apollo Quad 
Pro Tools - the latest version

Slate Raven MTi mk2 27" touch screen controller
Apple Mac Studio Ultra

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple iMac - i7 processor (4.0GHz ), 32gB RAM
Extensive Plugin Library (UAD-2, Plugin Alliance, Waves, Slate, Soundtoys, Massey, Celemony and more)
Custom Designed Studio Monitors with Custom Amp
Presonus Monitor Station 
Headphones from Sennheiser, Extreme Isolation and AKG 
Broadcast Passive Link 
Broadcast Hard On 

Outboard Gear

2 x Neve 1073lb Preamp
2 x API 512c Preamp/DI
2 x Phoenix DRS1R Preamp/DI 
1 x Universal Audio Solo 610 Microphone Preamp/DI
1 x JLM Audio TG500 

1 x Dizengoff Audio D4 Preamp

1 x Slate VMS-ONE Super-Linear Preamp
2 x Golden Age Pre73 Microphone Preamp
1 x Sytek MPX-4A Microhpone Preamp (4 Channels)
1 x Sebatron vmp-4000e Microphone Preamp/DI (4 Channels)

4 x Universal Audio Apollo Preamps (with UAD Neve 1073 and UA610 unison preamps)
1 x Orban 621B Stereo Parametric EQ (Vintage)

1 x Focusrite Red 3 Master Buss Compressor/Limiter 
1 x Retro Doublewide Vari-Mu Tube Compressor 
1 x Warm Audio WA76 (1176 Clone) 
2 x FMR RNC Stereo Compressor
1 x DBX 1066 Stereo Compressor


1 x Phoenix Nicerizer Jr Summing Mixer


1 x AEA A840 
2 x AEA R92
2 x Oktavamod Mod’d Long Ribbon Mics


1 x Slate ML-1 (with VMS Software)

1 x Mojave MA-200

2 x Neumann Vintage KM84
2 x Miktek C5 (Matched Pair. Cardiod and Omni Capsules) 

1 x AKG c1000s
1 x AKG c2000b

3 x Shure Beta57a
1 x Shure Beta58a
3 x Shure SM57
1 x Shure Beta52a
1 x Shure SM7b
2 x Audix D6 
2 x Audix i5 
1 x Heil PR-22 

1 x Dr Alien Sub Kick



Kawai US-8X Studio Upright Piano

Hammond BC Organ (1939) with Leslie Speaker

Kurzweil PC3x Keyboard

Studio Glockenspiel

Fender Sidekick Keyboard Amplifier


Fender American Standard Telecaster

Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass 

PRS Silver Sky

Maton EM325 Acoustic Guitar

Gibson Banjo

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue Guitar Amp

Vox AC4
Kala Tenor Ukulele
A selection of Guitar Pedals


​6.5x14" Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum (with brass hardware)
DW Collectors Series Drum Kit

Selection of percussion instruments, including:



Bells and Woodblocks



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