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Tom Wormald


Tom is our in-house Beatle nerd. Every studio needs one. But if you dig a little beneath the surface, you’ll find that Tom also has a love for sound design in all shapes and forms - with experience across music production, mixing, recording and songwriting.

Since being gifted a guitar aged 8, Tom’s passion for sound has taken him performing around Adelaide, studying in Melbourne, and working on a variety of projects as an audio engineer in both cities.

After completing his Bachelor of Audio in 2020, Tom moved back home to Adelaide and began working here at Island Studios in July of that year. Since then, Tom has worked across many genres and styles honing his skills - whether it be recording, editing, mixing, or mastering. 


Tom is also very driven to work creatively - he is a keen songwriter, producer, and synth lover. So, if you need any production or songwriting assistance, he’s a great person to get in touch with! His work, however, has not been limited to music. Tom has worked on audiobooks, adverts, film scores, and games too!


Our Studio Services

Leaf Pattern Design


Whether it be you coming in armed with just an acoustic guitar and looking for Island Studios to do full production work on your new song to build it into a world-class radio-ready track, or you're just looking to do a simple voice over, we are fully equipped with an arsenal of the world's best microphones and outboard gear to capture your project perfectly.

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With our second-to-none hybrid analogue-digital setup we are fully equipped with all the gear and knowhow to take your raw recordings and turn them into something special through the mixing process!

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Leaf Pattern Design


Mastering is the final step of the journey for your recording. We can give your music the finishing sparkle and provide you with a master disc, DDP files, as well as high-res files for digital distribution.

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Some of Tom's Productions

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More about Tom!

After years of working on both his own music and other’s music, Tom has developed a proficiency in a number of instruments. He is available to offer session services as a guitarist, bassist, synth nerd, percussion player, and backing vocalist. 

Tom recently launched his own solo project  Porcelain Eyes - a project in which he plays almost all the instruments! On top of that, Tom is also a member of Major Shade, playing gigs around Adelaide with our publicity guru Nick. 

Over the years, Tom has used a variety of different DAWs and other pieces of software. He is a proficient user of both Ableton and ProTools, with competence and experience using most other DAWs.

At Island, Tom combines his extensive knowledge of hardware and plug-in emulations with his musical know-how, to help you get the most out of your production. He's also available to perform session guitar or synth parts, and talk about The Beatles or Tame Impala between takes!

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