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These days it is common for bands, artists and songwriters to have their own home recording studio setup. As such, some artists feel more comfortable recording their songs in the comfort of their own space and without the time pressure to get the perfect take.


However, when it comes to mixing and mastering your music it is often difficult to achieve results that you're happy with when starting out in your home studio, or even when you have several years experience with recording. This can lead to frustration, loss of enthusiasm and momentum towards the project and a loss of valuable time.


There are two key factors in achieving quality mixes: the first and foremost is experience - in both mixing and music, and secondly the gear that is used (and of course knowing how to use the gear).


This is where we step in with the solution of Online Mixing and Mastering. Joseph at Island Studios has years of experience in music, starting his own career as a professional musician at age 15. Over the last few years he has worked with bands of all genres, including pop rock, reggae, big band, surf rock, folk and hard rock with artists locally, as well artists from around Australia and overseas.


Island Recording Studios boasts an impressive range of sought after outboard gear as well as a huge collection of the world's best plugins, allowing us to effortlessly bring all the analogue warmth and vibe you desire to your tracks.


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Please read our Mix Prep Guide before sending us your tracks to mix. This will ensure the smoothest mixing experience for both of us! 

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