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Music Production
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Exclusive Production Workshop In-House at Island Studios
Take Your Audio Production Skills To The Next Level!


Are you wishing you could quickly level up your music production skills? Sick of mediocre productions?


Save yourself years of time and frustration, and learn directly from the best here at Island Recording Studios. 

With over 15 years of music production experience, Joseph will be sharing his knowledge of recording techniques, production tips and tricks, mixing, mastering, and more. This is your chance to see behind the veil of how world-class music is produced. 


By attending this workshop series, you'll have the chance to learn techniques that would otherwise take years to learn yourself and piece together from online tutorials and other sources. Plus, the content will be tailored to the small group, giving you the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered and equip you with the knowledge to take your productions to the next level.

Simply click the button below to get started and apply today. 

Producing Your Own Music

The struggle is real... 

Embarking on a self-guided journey to learn any technical skill can be tough… really tough. Music production is certainly no exception. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve met who after having a tiny amount of experience in a real recording studio, decide that they can do it just as well at home, and for cheaper. After all, it looked pretty easy to set up a mic and hit the record button. 


Inevitably, 99.9% of these people end up going back to a studio after a failed stint or trying to work it all out for themselves. Often many do manage to set up a mic properly and record a take that actually sounds pretty decent, only to then completely butcher it in the mixing phase. Most of the time when amateurs mix, the tracks end up sounding worse than if the only thing they had done was set the levels and apply no processing at all. 


When you set out on the journey of self-education, often just knowing where to start can be next to impossible. Instead of having any kind of roadmap for your learning in place, you’ll likely just watch an assortment of random YouTube tutorials from different people, all with their own ideas and approaches, and often with conflicting information. 


This can cause you to throw a bunch of random plugins and effects onto a track because you saw some guy do it, even though it’s probably damaging your music. But it’s the best you’ve got to go on (as far as you can tell) so you just leave the processing on even though it’s making your track sound worse. 


This method is similar to trying to do a jigsaw puzzle with either:

A) Missing pieces, or

B) Mismatched pieces from different puzzles mixed together 


It’s incredibly frustrating as you just can’t get your tracks to sound good no matter how many hours or days you spend mixing the same song. 


You have probably also found that the underlying confusion about the technical aspects of the process can also entirely kill your creative energy for the project... Therefore it's a huge struggle to get it finished in any shape or form. 


Imagine if you had someone who could:

  • Answer all your questions

  • Help you understand the technicalities of recording

  • Break down the process into smaller achievable tasks 

  • Plan an exact roadmap to maximise your learning

  • Review your mixes and give constructive feedback

  • Give you the tools to level up your productions

Look no further, we are here to do just that... and more! 

Meet Your Studio Guide

Joseph Cheek - Producer, Musician, Music Coach

Hi, I'm Joseph! Since I started piano lessons at age 5 I've been transfixed by music. This lead me to becoming a professional musician before leaving school. 


Working in the studio as an audio engineer was a natural progression for me as it is an environment where I can be surrounded by talented and creative individuals, working together to produce something to inspire others. 

In the past decade and a half, I've worked across most genres. Everything from big band to metal. However, my specialty lies in larger-than-life rock, indie, and pop-rock productions, which has lead Island Studios to become the go-to studio in South Australia for Pop and Indie artists. 

A photo of Joseph Cheek in Island Recording Studios

For nearly a decade now I've had the opportunity to be involved in education, on top of running the studio full-time. This has been in the form of running music and recording workshops for schools, talking at events, and teaching at university. 

Education is something I love. I'm a big believer in always learning and growing as a person. I'm always learning something new myself, whether it be music, business, or personal related. I'm also a big believe in helping others to learn and grow so that they can better pursue their dreams and aspirations. 

These beliefs inspired me to create The Art of Music Production course for you! My goal was to provide as much valuable information as possible within a short timeframe. Information that you can immediately put into action to achieve better productions instantly. 

Nothing is held back in this short course so that you can have access to all the tips and tricks of the trade and apply them to your recordings. 

Keep reading to see exactly what we cover in The Art of Music Production. 

The Art of Music Production

Is this right for you? 

Created from the ground up with the sole purpose of giving you all the information you need to instantly take your music production skills to the next level. 


This course is for you if you are one or more of the following: 

  • A bedroom producer looking to up their game for their own productions or other artists

  • An artist who wants to be able to produce their own tracks for release

  • A songwriter who wants to produce their own demos to pitch to recording artists

  • A composer who wants to be able to mix their own compositions for tv/film/ads etc

  • An aspiring studio engineer who is looking to build up your own portfolio and get new clients to work with

Course Overview

Getting The Essentials Downpat

  • Understanding the basics of sound

    • Frequency and its relationship to pitch

    • Phase

    • Amplitude

    • Measuring loudness and how to look after your ears

  • File management

    • No more wasted time searching for sessions or mixes​

    • Employ best practices for file naming conventions

    • Never lose another file due to a corrupt disc


  • Getting set up and ready to go at home to start recording

  • Assigning I/O

  • Signal Flow - understanding the flow of sound from one end of your chain to the other

  • Microphone Basics - diving into and testing the different types and when to use them

  • General Recording Techniques - get the most out of any instrument

  • Production Tips and Tricks - enhance your recordings no matter the style


  • Vocal Tuning - get your vocals sounding like the pros!

  • Vocal Alignment - stack those vocal layers and get them sounding tight

  • Drums Editing - nobody likes sloppy drums

  • Instrumental Editing - make sure your instruments are tight with your drums


  • Balancing Levels​

  • Panning

  • The Basics of EQ

  • The Basics of Compression

  • Using Effects - Sends vs Inserts

  • Buses and Bus Processing


  • The Purpose of Mastering​

  • The Main Elements in Mastering

  • How to Perform a Basic Master on Your Music

Courses will be based on this overview, however, we will tailor them to each individual group. Each group will be limited to three students. This allows for maximum opportunity to ask questions and form relationships with others at a similar level to you in your production career.


The course includes 12 hours of in-person training, broken into a few smaller sessions.  

Bonuses You'll Also Receive

  • Stems to practice mixing from a song that we'll record during the sessions

  • Our comprehensive Art of Music Production Manual to help you with everything you'll need in your productions - as well as updates to this manual as we make them in the future

  • A Mix Critique for any mix you do after the course 

  • Snacks and Drinks - gotta keep those brains fuelled!

JJC STUDIO DEC 2022 -3 small.jpg

About Us

Island Studios is a proud South Australian destination for no-compromise music production and outstanding artist support, located just 15 minutes south of the Adelaide CBD.


With a diverse range of skills and experience, our team is ready to support you through each step of your music production journey - from songwriting all the way through to release strategies. 


Our team specialises in huge-sounding indie, pop, and rock productions, and we’re well-known for helping artists transform demos into fully-fledged, radio-ready singles. That’s thanks in part to the state-of-the-art gear on offer at Island Studios - our hybrid analogue-digital setup provides all of the glorious warmth that comes from classic analogue gear, combined with the flexibility of cutting-edge digital technology. 

Now we're thrilled to be offering exclusive Art of Music Production Workshops so that we can share our combined decades of knowledge with you! Our goal is to help you create the productions you've dreamed of from the comfort of your own home. 

We have a range of the world's most renowned outboard gear at our fingertips, as well as industry standard recording software, and a huge selection of the best plugins money can buy. We will be demonstrating a wide selection of these, along with stock plugins throughout the short course. 

We can't wait to have you in and share our knowledge, which has seen us craft productions for artists around the world for over 10 years. 

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