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Island Recording Studios

Elevate Your Artistry

Welcome to Island Recording Studios, your gateway to unparalleled music production and unwavering artist support in South Australia. Situated just 15 minutes south of the Adelaide CBD, we're not just a studio - we're your dedicated partner in realising your musical dreams. 

With 100+ five-star Google reviews, Island Recording Studios is Adelaide's top-rated studio. We deliver world-class quality and an unmatched studio experience.

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Want The Best For Your Music?

You’re In The Right Place! 

We're all about results and working for what is best for you. Bringing out your best performance is key… and we know how important it is for you to be comfortable and relaxed to maximise your creativity and deliver your best take.


Island Recording Studios is your slice of musical paradise, where we dive deep into your project goals and individual artistic vision. This dedication ensures a studio experience that's not only efficient but also deeply productive and rewarding.

Whether you're in Adelaide, or the opposite corner of the globe (somewhere off the coast of Nova Scotia?) we can help bring your music to life.

Lochie Engelhardt playing guitar at Island Recording Studios
Joseph Cheek speaking at an Island Recording Studios seminar

The Island Experience

Complete Artist Support - Start to Finish​

Boasting a multitude of skills and experiences, our team is ready to guide you through every facet of your musical journey. From the early stages of songwriting to getting your head around release strategies, we're by your side, offering expertise every step of the way. Our exclusive 'Music Distribution and Marketing 101' sessions have been a huge help to artists around Australia. These will get you on the right foot from the outset and maximise the value of your recording investment. 

We are here to guide you through every step of the journey. You’ll never be left wondering what happens next or confused about any of the steps in the recording studio process. 

Sonic Excellence

The Quality Your Music Deserves

Specialising in all productions indie, pop, and rock-related, we’ve become the go-to studio for transforming demos into polished, radio-ready singles. Our secret? Decades of musical knowledge and experience, combined with utilising both analogue gear and the versatility of state-of-the-art software and digital technology. We have been fortunate enough to work not only with local clientele, but with international artists seeking all of our studio services at one stage or another - from just mastering to full production commissions.

It's not just about genres – it's about musical authenticity. For over a decade, our commitment to crafting productions that align with your artistic essence has driven our success. We're passionate about your sound, always eager to take on new challenges, and shape soundscapes that stand the test of time.

If you're seeking a professional partner to elevate your music, Island Recording Studios is your destination. Let's bring your melodies to life, discover your best performances, and create a sonic legacy. 

Whether you’re in Adelaide, around Australia or overseas, if you’re a pop or indie artist looking to take your productions to the next level, Island Recording Studios is the destination for you.

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World-Class Music Production and Support for Pop and Indie Artists.
From Songwriting through to Release Strategies.


Our Studio Services

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Whether it be you coming in armed with just an acoustic guitar and looking for Island Studios to do full production work on your new song to build it into a world-class radio-ready track, or you're just looking to do a simple voice over, we are fully equipped with an arsenal of the world's best microphones and outboard gear to capture your project perfectly.

Read More About Production

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With our second-to-none hybrid analogue-digital setup we are fully equipped with all the gear and knowhow to take your raw recordings and turn them into something special through the mixing process!

Read More About Mixing

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Mastering is the final step of the journey for your recording. We can give your music the finishing sparkle and provide you with a master disc, DDP files, as well as high-res files for digital distribution.

Read More About Mastering


A Few Of Our Tracks

Want to Hear More of Our Work?

Joseph Cheek sitting in Island Recording Studios

Meet Joseph Cheek

Joseph has been transfixed by music since starting piano lessons at age 5, which lead to him becoming a professional musician before leaving school.


Working in the studio as an audio engineer was a natural progression for him - an environment where he could be surrounded by talented and creative individuals, working together to produce something to inspire others. 

Joseph has worked across almost all genres, from Big Band to Folk to Metal. However, his specialty lies in larger-than-life rock, indie and pop-rock productions, leading him to become the most sought-after engineer in Adelaide for these projects.

About Me

What Our Artists Are Saying

See for yourself what artists are saying about working at Island Recording Studios. It's easy to see why it has become Adelaide's top-rated recording studio and the go-to for Indie and Pop artists.

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