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Island Drums

The Deal

Island Studios is a professional recording studio in Adelaide, South Australia that delivers world-class audio recordings at affordable rates. Jack Thomson is one of Adelaide's most well known, versatile and prolific drummers, performing and recording for countless bands for over a decade in genres ranging  from rock to pop to reggae to blues to metal. The two have teamed up to provide an unbeatable package deal for anyone seeking creative, musical and killer sounding drum tracks that will be sure to lift their single, EP or album to the next level.


Island Studios, known for being the only solar-powered studio in Adelaide, has a second-to-none hybrid digital/analogue set up with all the vibe and warmth of analogue recording, but with all the ease and flexibility that comes from digital production. The pair are ready to record all genres with drum parts that will bring your songs to life.


We can provide consultations via phone, skype or face to face to discuss your project, catering for your exact needs. Whether it's a demo, or a fully fledged album, we endeavour to give you the most professional and flexible drum recording process possible. Prices start at $499 for an EP.


Contact us today for a quote for your next single, EP or album. 

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