It goes without saying that Covid19 has been really rough on our industry. I was worried along with so many other people that I suddenly wouldn't have any income once lockdown started. However, I feel extremely grateful to have had a large influx of mixing work to go on with during this period. As a way of sharing this fortunate situation I've found myself in I want to offer 1-2 free mixes and/or masters each month until the end of the year for artists that have been severely affected by Covid19. 

Once you've tagged at least two other artists who would benefit from this on Facebook or Instagram you just need to fill out the form below and tell us why you'd really benefit from having your next single mixed and/or mastered here at Island Studios. This will also sign you up for our mailing list, which contains lots of production tips and tricks to help you with your recordings and time in the studio! 

Free Covid19 Mixes

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Terms and Conditions

As this initiative is to help those most affected by Covid19 you must demonstrate that you have been adversely affected. 

Free mixes/masters are limited to one per artist.

We will choose 1 to 2 artists per month to receive a free mix/master based on the applications received and who we think will benefit most from this. 

Tracks sent for mixing must be prepared in accordance to our Mix Prep Guide to make it a smooth process for everyone.  


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